Essential Opportunities for the Right Detox

Detoxification of drug addicts is an indispensable condition for removing fragility and restoring the body’s functions, since it involves the withdrawal of a narcotic substance, as well as the products of its decay.

What does the detox medical procedure involve?

Detoxification in drug dependence is based on the methods of infusion therapy.The patient receives injections of drugs that remove symptoms of breakage.There is an active restoration of the functioning of organs and systems: treatment of sleep disorders, intestinal disorders, vegetative disorders.

In this case, the doctor individually selects the dosage of the drugs, their combination, taking into account the degree of dependence, the severity of manifestation of abstinence, the data of analysis and diagnosis. Works like opiate detox gets really problematic there.

Why cannot the rehabilitation be free?               

Features detoxification for different types of dependence

Elimination of physical dependence is achieved at the first stage of treatment due to detoxification during drug addiction. The acute state of drug poisoning requires immediate medical attention. It is part of the detox program, which is conducted in a hospital under the supervision of specialists around the clock.

  • On average, the period of treatment takes about a week.
  • Detoxification of heroin dependence lasts 5-10 days;
  • Detoxification of methadone dependence lasts a little longer: up to 12-14 days.
  • Does not want to be treated?
  • We will come to you
  • Convince dependent to undergo rehabilitation
  • Deliver to the center
  • No violence!

Treatment conditions:

  • Detoxification is carried out in the department of narcology;
  • Each patient is under the supervision of a doctor;
  • Patients are accommodated in 1-2 local wards;
  • The premises are equipped with compartments with shower.
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Help on the day of treatment

  • Treatment before the result
  • Departure psychologist-expert in narcology at home for motivation for treatment
  • Each room has a TV;
  • Meals three meals a day, balanced;
  • There are rooms of VIP class;
  • The work involves experienced psychologists who have a corresponding specialization;
  • Psychologists conduct the correct motivation for the further rehabilitation stage of treatment.
  • 15 years ofsuccessful experience in the treatment and rehabilitation of dependent
  • 85% of thosewho completed the full course of rehabilitation, forget about drugs forever
  • 4,153 people are in a steady sobriety and returned to normal life
  • Results of the first stage of treatment:
  • Elimination of withdrawal symptoms;
  • Sleep and emotional state are restored;
  • Normal functioning of the internal organs resumes;

The body is saturated with nutrients.

Against the background of intensive drug therapy there is a gradual recovery of the sensitivity of its own opiate receptors. This returns to the patient a satisfactory state of health, saving him from physical craving for drugs.

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